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Spray Arnica

Relieves muscle pain for a quick return to action

Arnica Spray has been specially designed for multiple musculoskeletal uses. As soon as it is applied, our formula encourages muscles and ligaments to relax. This deep relaxation allows the affected areas to regenerate comfortably. The spray formula allows for a uniform and optimal application. Athletes love it to help the body recover quickly from physical exertion. Growing and rehabilitating people love it for its quick relief and comforting scent.

Use from
2 years and +

Cool Pepper

Fight back chronic pain

Cool Pepper is a topical analgesic for adults, which provides an intense hot/cold effect. It offers long-term relief of pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and neuropathy, while improving joint flexibility. Clients love it for its efficiency, its pleasant minty fragrance and its ease of use. The ball roller makes it easy to apply evenly, while avoiding contact with your hands. Don’t let your pain slow you down, get moving again right away!

Use from
18 years and +

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We have found the perfect balance to create effective, reliable and safe products. They are developed by medical professionals for clinical conditions. We manufacture Janelle Health products in a local laboratory to achieve high quality results, specific for the indicated inflammatory conditions and to meet the needs of everyday life. All of our products have been evaluated and approved by Health Canada who has agreed to their safety, efficacy and high quality. The NPN (Natural Product Number) on the label, confirms that the product has been reviewed and approved by Health Canada.


All Janelle products have been thought of and designed by healthcare professionals who are committed to improving the quality of life of their clients.

Made in Quebec

Our products are carefully prepared by a certified laboratory located in Montreal. Local development and production is a source of pride to us!


All of our ingredients and concentrations are selected with the greatest care in order to create the highest quality formulas. We are committed to offer 100% paraben-free products.

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I always bring Spray Arnica along with me when I go on dance tours. The long training sessions and performance sets are so much more demanding than my normal practices. I know I can rely on Spray Arnica to help my body recover quickly and relieve muscle pain from the intense workouts.


Diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and not being able to take any anti-inflammatory, Janelle introduced me her product, the Cool Pepper, which contains only natural and quality ingredients. I applied this product three times per day and at the second day already I experienced the benefits!! A wonderful and efficient product. I recommend it to everyone.


Those products are of a high quality and efficient. Only good and without any harm for health. What a great company, and a local one!


Thanks to the Cool Pepper product, I could continue practising my favorite sport, water-polo, even with my inflammed and painful shoulder. Thank you for the high quality products that helped my body by easing the pain and allowed me to pursue my passion.


Before knowing the Spray Arnica, I tested several products without seeing actual improvement in my condition. Since I’ve been using it, my pain has strongly decreased which improved my daily living. When the symptoms starts to reappear, I apply the Spray Arnica directly on the inflammed areas and I prevent intense headaches and neck pain.


As a masso-kinesitherapist, I frequently use the Spray Arnica at the end of an appointment to ease the soreness that can appear a therapy session. Indeed, the product’s composition helps patient with their recovery.

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